Leading Actor, Kenneth Branagh, Wallander, British Academy Television Awards 2010
Wallander for Best Sound - Fiction, British Academy Television Craft Awards 2010

Best Actor, Kenneth Branagh Wallander, 35th Broadcasting Press Guild (BPG) Television and Radio Awards

Wallander for Best Drama Series, British Academy Television Awards 2009
Wallander for Phlips Audience Award for the Best Programme of 2008, British Academy Television Awards 2009
Wallander for Best Original Television Music; for Best Photography & Lighting - Fiction/Entertainment; for Best Production Design; for Best Sound - Fiction, British Academy Television Craft Awards 2009


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BBC promo for Wallander
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Award announcement and Kenneth Branagh's speech
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Video greeting recorded by Kenneth Branagh on the occasion of crew screening of Wallander: The Dogs of Riga

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Early Short Articles

Inspector Norse
Radio Times, 30 August - 5 September 2008         (see the photo here)

Meet TV's latest addition to the ranks of TV detective. Kenneth Branagh brings a brooding, Bergmanesque quality to his performance in Wallander, a new BBC1 series adapted from the award-winning crime novels of Swedish author Henning Mankell.

Our exclusive picture is also a first glimpse of what could soon be known over here as "Wallender country". The gingerbread houses and flower-filled square of the sleepy town of Ystad on Sweden's south coats are scarcely what you expect from Scandinavia's rival to our own Midsomer, but it's already a big tourist draw. Shooting in the precise locations mentioned by the novels, the film crew have found that they have to fight for space with fans of the books - and numerous Swedish TV and film adaptations - pilgrimage to their hero's picturesque stamping ground.

Branagh to Play Wallander in TV Series
UPI, 14 July 2008

Kenneth Branagh is to star in a new TV series based on the Kurt Wallander detective books by Swedish author Henning Mankell, "Masterpiece Mystery" announced.

Branagh, a co-producing partner and longtime fan of the novels, said in a statement his latest character is "wonderfully complex and compelling."

Shot in rarely seen locations in southern Sweden, "Wallander" is to air on "Masterpiece Mystery" on PBS in the spring or summer of 2009.

"We're thrilled to be presenting Kenneth's passion project on 'Masterpiece Mystery'," executive producer Rebecca Eaton said in a statement. "'Wallander' will introduce PBS audiences to a stunning part of the world -- and a fascinating new detective."

Branagh, a Northern Irish actor-filmmaker who recently directed a remake of "Sleuth," has starred in the films "Much Ado About Nothing," "Hamlet," "Celebrity" and "Mary Shelley's Frankenstein." He will soon be seen in the big-screen war movie "Valkyrie," opposite Tom Cruise.

Plans for New Wallander Films
Sveriges Radio P4 Malmö, 31 May 2008  (go to the site for a link to an audio clip)
** Thanks Jonas for the translation

The BBC is planning for at least three new Wallander films in Ystad, probably next year. This was announced when the production management let the press have access to the film team of the English language Wallander films for the first time.

The British actor Kenneth Branagh, who portrays Kurt Wallander, says it was the multi-faceted character of Kurt Wallander that lured him to the role.

"I appreciate a man, who as an experienced inspector, constantly encounters violence and the dark sides of human behavior and still takes it personally and is emotionally affected by this."

Yesterday the film team was filming in a townhouse area and was shooting a scene from "One Step Behind". They have already wrapped up "Sidetracked" and have "Firewall" left before they end in August. If proven popular, the plan is to film three more next year.

It was Wallander's slightly complicated character that attracted Branagh. An interesting lack of predictable manliness, as he put it. Tough but, also emotional. But the British Wallander will be a bit different than the original. He does not listen to opera, the British audiences are too familiar with the opera-loving Inspector Morse. Branagh has worked hard at making Wallander his own.

More English Wallander Films in the Works in Ystad
Ystads Allehanda, 31 May 2008
By Ulf Mårtensson
** Thanks Jonas for the translation

There will be more British Wallander films in Ystad than the three current ones.

"This has always been our and Branagh's goal, as long as the audience enjoys them", says Francis Hopkinson, producer with Left bank, one of the companies involved.

Yellow Bird Producer Ole Søndberg, says two of Mankell’s books could be hard to film. He mentions "The White Lioness" and "The Dogs of Riga" as being hard to film.

This leaves three five films, if one is to stick to original Mankell novels.

Three films a year is the work pace, so maybe the British filmmakers will already be back in Ystad next year. If that is the case, this is good news for the film town of Ystad and Ystad studios.

Almost Classic
The film companies' ambition is to make Inspector Wallander the next classic British copper. Comparisons have been made with Midsummer Murders. "But that series is too traditional. Mankell’s stories are much more interesting and deal with social issues in a very different manner", says director Philip Martin.

Here Is Where They Are Shooting the New Wallander Films
Sydsvenskan.se, 17 April 2008
By Olof Åkerlund
** Thanks Jonas for the translation

There have been many secrets surrounding the British Kurt Wallander series. But on Thursday the star actor Kenneth Branagh (Wallander) was seen, as well as the rest of the Anglo-Swedish film team at Häckeberga castle outside the town of Genarp.

Originally another castle was scheduled as a shooting location but when that plan fell apart, Bo Madsen, the manager of Häckeberga castle, was quick to offer a filming location to the 60-person strong film crew and the roughly 50 extras.

The guests had to be moved to the castle stables, but that worked out very well. This is really exiting, a true circus. It is not everyday that you encounter Kenneth Branagh, says Bo Madsen.

Kick-off for the BBC-Wallander Film Shooting
Ystads Allehanda, 14 April 2008
** Thanks Wenda for the translation

Shooting for the British version of the Henning Mankell Wallander mysteries started on Monday at Sodra Anggatan in Ystad.

The star actor Kenneth Branagh, who plays the opera-loving inspector, and a large film team were in place in a functional house [i.e. a house from around 1920s or 1930s]. In parts of Agatan and Anggatan it was not permitted to park during the week-end or on Monday. But the people of Ystad are used to film teams in action and did not seem to take very much notice of the start of shooting. The football match continued on Dammen at the Bleke school and neighbourhood life continued as usual. For the next 3 months 3 films will be shot for the BBC in Ystad and nearby locations.

Press Releases Anouncing Wallander
Wallander – Kenneth Branagh in Major New Drama Adaptation for BBC One, BBC Press Office, 10 January 2008
Kenneth Branagh to Star in BBC 'Wallander' Series, The Local, 10 January 2008
Detective Branagh: Kenneth is Set to Star in a New BBC Series to Rival 'Inspector Morse', Daily Mail, 10 January 2008

The Herald, 11 January 2008
Branagh Is Given Lead Role in £6m BBC Scotland Adaptation of Hit Crime Novels
By Carolyn Churchill

Kenneth Branagh will star as a hard-drinking Swedish detective in a £6m TV series commissioned by BBC Scotland, it was revealed yesterday.

The actor will play Kurt Wallander in adaptations of three critically acclaimed crime novels by Swedish author Henning Mankell.

'Wallander', which will be filmed on location in Sweden, is a major coup for BBC Scotland and comes only a few months after director-general Mark Thompson said the corporation north of the border should triple its output for UK networks.

The new series of 90-minute programmes is being co-produced by three independent companies after being commissioned by Anne Mensah, head of drama at BBC Scotland.

She said: "'Wallander' is an extremely ambitious project - after all, we're looking to create a classic new detective character for British television. We couldn't hope for a stronger team behind the project, nor for a more perfect leading man."

The books have sold more than 25 million copies worldwide and the programmes will be based on three of the novels, Sidetracked, One Step Behind and Firewall.

Branagh, whose production company will make the series in conjunction with Left Bank Pictures and Mankell's own company Yellow Bird, said he was a fan of the novels.

He said: "Wallander is a wonderfully complex and compelling character and, as a long-time admirer of the novels, I'm very excited to be playing this fascinatingly flawed but deeply human detective."

Variety, 11 January 2008
Branagh Set for BBC Adaptation
Actor to star in $12 million TV production

By Steve Clarke, Gunnar Rehlin

Kenneth Branagh is set to star as fictional Swedish cop Kurt Wallander in a BBC adaptation of Henning Mankell's bestselling crime novels.

Swedish production company Yellow Bird, owned by Zodiak Television, has sold the rights for three 90-minute features based on the novels "Sidetracked," "Firewall" and "One Step Behind."

The films will be made by Left Bank Pictures, producer Andy Harries' shingle, along with Yellow Bird and Branagh's as-yet-unnamed shingle. BBC Worldwide, the pubcaster's commercial arm, has a 25% stake in Left Bank Pictures.

The pics will be shot in Ystad, in the south of Sweden, during spring and summer. They will air on flagship BBC web BBC1.

Mankell's books have sold more than 25 million copies worldwide, giving the dramas big global potential.

"Wallander" was commissioned by BBC Scotland head of drama Anne Mensah and BBC controller of fiction Jane Tranter. Mensah said the "extremely ambitious" project is aimed at creating "a classic new detective character for British television."

Yellow Bird has made 13 Wallander films for the Scandinavian market, three for theatrical release and 10 for TV.