The Scenery Is Under Construction for the BBC-Wallander"

Ystads Allehanda, 2 April 2008
By Ulf Martensson
**Thanks Ulf, and Wenda for the translation

Now they've started work in the Ystad studios building the scenery for the shooting of the British version of Henning Mankell's thrillers. Time is short. Shooting starts on April 14th with the star actor Kenneth Branagh in the role of Wallander.

In the studio the man in charge of building the scenery, Anders Olin, is at work on a model of Ystad's police station where Kenneth Branagh will solve 3 tricky cases.

Ystads Allehanda can today reveal which books the films to be made for BBC by the poduction company Yellow Bird will be based on. "We will be filming Sidetracked, One Step Behind and Firewall", says Rebecka Kihlberg, production co-ordinator at Yellow Bird.

Anders Olin was there when the police station in Ystad was built in the studio for the Swedish Wallander productions. "This one will be bigger and more easy to work in. It will also be in a slightly different style", he says.

That is quite natural when an English and a Danish scenografer (Jaqueline Abrahams and Anne Mete Bo Drivsholm) collaborate to give their version of Mankell's world.

The studio police station will be approx. 500 square metres, almost twice the previous model. The British film team is already in place and on Tuesday drove around to finalize the remainder of the shooting venues.

"We will be using an appartment here in Ystad as Kurt Wallander's abode", says Rebecka Kihlberg. But exactly where it is she can't reveal.

However, she can say that Kenneth Branagh's accomodation for the 3 months the shooting is expected to take is settled. "He will be staying in a house by the sea - just as he wished. And he is very pleased about it", says Rebecka Kihlberg. "I won't say any more", she says.

Wallander Trebble

Anyway Kenneth Branagh will definitely have a chance to chat with an earlier Wallander, Rolf Lassgard, who will be in a neighbouring studio in Ystad shooting a roll in the film "De rationella" (The Irrational People). Later on this summer Krister Henrikson will be coming here to shoot 13 new Swedish Wallander films so it will be a Wallander Trebble at the Ystad film-town. Not bad!

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