Branagh's Wallander Discomfort

UK Press Association, 22 December 2009

Kenneth Branagh has admitted he finds playing Swedish detective Kurt Wallander slightly uncomfortable.

The actor and director said he found the TV character had failings in his personal life, despite being brilliant at his job. "(It was) interesting and not always comfortable to play someone who is so lost in their mists of a personal life in which he can't seem to make a correct move," said Kenneth.

He went on: "He has instincts that are good, he has insights that are good. When applied to his work it's sometimes faultless - when applied to his life, it's very far from being perfect. He is often driving the car that is the wreck of his own life."

Kenneth also said it was a challenge to play such a complex character.

"It's daunting taking on anything you think is complicated and complex and needs your very best work - that's what I find is the challenge," he said. But he added: "But (it's) not the fact other people do it brilliantly or it's been done in excellent versions ... I'm inspired rather than intimidated by my predecessors rather than the other way around."

The first of three feature-length episodes of Wallander will air on BBC One on January 3.

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