Birthday Fundraising Project 2018
In 2018 the Ken-Friends celebrated Kenneth Branagh's 58th birthday with a donation of $3,500 US, raised to support students from Northern Ireland under The William & Frances Branagh Memorial Award at the Royal Aacademy of Dramatic Art (RADA). The sum collected came from the proceeds of a series of online auctions on the Ken-Friends mailing list offering items related to Kenneth Branagh's artistic production over the many years of his career and from additional donations by Ken-Friends.

Here is Kenneth Branagh's thank-you:

There are some things that however many times they happen, continue to be the most extraordinary, humbling surprise. So it is with the staggering yearly generosity of the Ken-Friends. It is never expected, and it is deeply appreciated.

I cannot adequately express my thanks for the money and for the real support it provides for students at RADA, but I can at least try, by way of gratitude to produce work that you might be interested to see. This season, it is All IS TRUE, which I hope captures some of what makes the mystery of William Shakespeare so endlessly fascinating. It is a film from the heart as you will see. And this message is also from the heart.

Thank you Ken-Friends, for your loyal, generous and magnificent support.

Have a wonderful holiday season, and a happy and healthy New Year.

With eternal gratitude from your friend,


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