Birthday Fundraising Project 2004

Ken-Friends Birthday Mug
  In 2004 the Ken-Friends fundraising activity paid hommage to the 15th anniversary of the release of Kenneth Branagh's first film Henry V. The design and production of a mug allowed us to send $4,626 US to the Ulster Association of Youth Drama in Northern Ireland, which will distribute the money this spring to winners of the 2004 Ken-Friends bursaries (scholarships) for theatrical training, to take place in summer 2005.

Here is Kenneth Branagh's thank-you note:

To the Ken-Friends,

Some people tell me I'm at an age when I should be ignoring or forgetting birthdays.
I am thrilled that the Ken-Friends disagree.
Your generosity is quite miraculous and ongoing miracles will be worked with this incredible sum.
The difference it and you make will create such joy amongst hundreds of young people in the North of Ireland in the coming year.
Having spent much of the last year in 'development' I hope that this coming year will offer a little by way of my appreciation in the form of work that I hope you'll find interesting.
Knowing that there is such a loyal and generous support out there in the World, is a wonderful spur.
Your kindness continues to inspire, and I hope in my 45th year to create work that will in some small way repay your great faith.
Thank-you again.
Have a wonderful festive season and a truly Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Kenneth Branagh

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