'I'm a Bit Bossy,' Admits Thompson

Independent.ie, 19 March 2014

Emma Thompson has told how ex-husband Kenneth Branagh found her too bossy - and said that she will be staying away from the big-screen for some time.

The 'Saving Mr Banks' actress, 54, was married to Branagh, 53, for six years - and the couple starred on stage, on TV and on the big-screen together - until their divorce in 1996.

Kenneth grew close to Helena Bonham Carter when they co-starred in 1994 on 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein', and Emma later described the situation as "blood under the bridge".

Now the 'Nanny McPhee' actress, who later wed her 'Sense And Sensibility' co-star Greg Wise, has suggested to TV Times that her own bossiness caused difficulties in her first marriage.

"I'm a bit bossy," she said, "and I have to say some people find it quite difficult to deal with.

"Mentioning no names," she added, "but my first husband."

Her comments comes after stars such as Victoria Beckham and Beyonce backed a campaign, instigated by Facebook chief Sheryl Sandberg, to eliminate the word bossy being used as a description for girls. Campaigners say that the word is disparaging to women and hampers ambition.

'Howards End' actress Emma also told TV Times that she wants to take a break to become a full-time mother to her 13-year-old daughter. Emma said that she stayed at home to write the Nanny McPhee films but returned to the film set when Gaia was 12 because she "needed to earn some money".

"Gaia is still young and these years are very precious," she told the magazine. "I was very lucky because I got three good films in a row and I could then get home before Gaia started her next term at school, which I have to be there for. So I'm not going to be back on screen for a long time."

According to film site IMDB, the 'Harry Potter' actress is set to star in thriller 'Survivor' and drama 'The Long Midnight Of Barney' next year.

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