Thor Trailer: Breakdown and My Analysis, 3 August 2010
By claybo

I am sure many people here and on the web have managed to take a look at the trailer for Paramount Pictures and Marvel Studios anticipated comic-book adaption of THOR that was seen at Comic-Con. Marvel has been sending out the brute squad on any sites that have it, but a few still have it up. Good news, it was a trending topic higher than Justin Bieber that day, so all is good in the universe because of that.

Back on topic, since the trailer/footage is 5 minutes long I was thinking there were going to be some spoilers. In fact, it did not have a whole lot of spoilers in it and I am glad of that. Anyhow here is my breakdown on the trailer, costumes, other realms, so on and so forth

[ links to no longer existant trailer online]

I am going to start with the beginning part of the trailer. You see SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) interrogating someone. You see screen clips of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) taking out people left and right. Agent Coulson wants to know where he came from. It goes to a shot of Thor with a serious look on his face.

It seems that SHIELD wants to know where the Mjilnor (Thor's hammer for those not up to speed) came from, what it is, and why they cant get it out of the ground. It seems they put up some quarantine-type mobile command center around it. Anyhow I like this becuase SHIELD doesn't know what they are dealing with and what is going on, introducing them to the other realm/other world universe.

Now on to Asgard. I have run out of adjectives to describe the breathtaking look of Asgard. I can tell from the footage that Digital Domain, who is working on the effects, is not finished with the effects. I can make-out Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, but it doesnt seem bright enough as it seems in the comics. Like I said, I have a feeling this isn't the final product. The Halls of Asgard and Odin's throne room are a loss for words. Odin's throne is magnificent, and even having the crows shows that Kenneth Branagh really did his homework and is putting every last detail in this.

Also from the trailer I made out Jotunheim, the land of the Frost Giants, I can tell from some scenes due to the ice and snow. I think I had made out Svarltenheim, the land of the Dwarves and where the Mjilnor was forged but I am not 100% sure. It looks like they did not use a whole lot of green/blue screen, but if they did, wow did they turn out great.

I also made out what looks like either Frost Giants or Dark Elves, though I did notice one Frost Giant which I believe is Colm Feore, again speculation, but I hope they are actually GIANTS.

On this part we see plenty of the Asgardian characters and right here we will break them down.

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Obviously, many of us have seen Chris Hemsworth already as Thor, and yes people HE DOES HAVE THE HELMET, and many things have been said about the costume. I love the costume and looking at him now, I see THOR, I don't see some actor as Thor, I see THOR.

The only thing I had seen Hemsworth in prior was as Captain Kirk's father in the first 10 minutes of "Star Trek", as have most of us, and I have been told that he was in other stuff but I haven't had a chance to see "A Perfect Getaway".

From the trailer, he has beefed up to be the massive size of the God of Thunder. He admits he does have pressure playing such a well known character that has been around for 50 years that has a massive fan base, but now seeing Thor in action, I feel that they went with the right guy.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

I admit I had never seen Tom Hiddleston in anything before, I am sure some of our friends in England have seen him on Wallander so when he was cast as Loki, I had no idea what to expect, sometimes an unknown is sink or swim. I watched an interview of him at the BAFTA awards I believe (correct me if I am wrong) and then after seeing the Comic-Con interviews, I can tell by his posture, tone, enjoyment of playing the role that he was the right fit for Loki, and Kenneth Branagh did previously work with him so he saw something in Tom.

After seeing him in the trailer, I am very convinced HE IS LOKI, the posture, the look in his eyes just spell out the manipulation he has going on in his head to rule Asgard and kill Thor. I sense he will be that "I hate him but love him" type of villian and I have a gut feeling this has a reminder of Commodus from "Gladiator", played tremendously by Joaquin Phoenix in the film. I am not saying that Loki will land Tom an Oscar nomination or a win like Heath Ledgers Joker did, but I feel that we have a rising star not only in Chris Hemsworth, but with Tom Hiddleston as well. An Oscar nomination/win in the future....possibly.

Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif

Many of us who have Twitter are probably following this young lady and her tweets, and for a while, she was the best updated news we had from the set. She even told me back in March after someone made that bad photoshop job of her as Sif that her costume was way cooler than that photo, but also indicated to me that Sif had multiple outfits.

From the trailer I made out 3 different outfits for Sif, the one we all saw on that glimpse on ET, another similar to it but instead it doesn't have sleeves and the third it looked a bit more ceremonial/lady-like. The ones I am sure we care about more are the battle costumes. They have the crimson color in them which is correct, one thing guys will notice is its not as revealing as it has been in the past, but they went for a more warrior style outfit. Nonetheless, Jaimie was right her outfit was cool, we see maybe two action scenes real quick with her, one where shes jumping down thrusting her Enchanted Sword in someone, and another where she is showing off, which I happen to like. From this she looks like Sif, and I hope we see her in plenty more action scenes

The Warriors 3, Ray Stevenson as Volstagg, Joshua Dallas as Frandal, Tadanobu Asano as Hogun

3 warriors that are loyal to Thor and always love to go to battle with him. At first I was trying to picture The Punisher and also Gary Oldman's right hand man in "The Book of Eli" in a fat suit and ZZ Top beard, and I saw an interview online that he enjoyed putting it on. Even Kylie Furneaux (stuntwoman) told me in a tweet it was her favorite costume on set. I saw where many people are comparing him to Gimli from "Lord of the Rings" and I can see that in a way, but he is much taller than the dwarf from Middle-Earth. You see glimpses of him as well as the other 2, but you do see a full shot of him. Granted he isn't as fat as he is in the comics (with comics you can over-exaggerate and do stuff) but not to the point where you dont notice him. I am sure it was also for comfortability and mobility.

Joshua Dallas is a young man I have no idea who he is I admit, but looking at him, I'm glad Stuart Townsend decided to be a douchebag yet again and walk off the set of a major blockbuster franchise AGAIN. Joshua looks like Frandal, he has that Eroll Flynn look to his character, or as someone else on here referred to him as The Dread Pirate Roberts (Princess Bride=Classic).

Only saw a bit of Tadanobu Asano as Hogun, Hogun did look a bit Genghis Khan-like and they cast a guy who has played Genghis Khan recently in an Oscar nominated foreign film, so this seems to work. I like the diversity of the cast so far.

Rene Russo as Frigga

I noticed Rene Russo has not been in a film in 5 years (WHAT crazy I know) but she still looks stunning in her mid-50's (yes that is true). Most of us remember her from action films like "Lethal Weapon 3&4" and "In The Line of Fire" but here, she is more motherly in this, the caring mother (I know Step-Mother but still) and also worries about Asgard as you hear her in part of the trailer. One notation is she doesn't have grey hair like in the comic, but who wants to see the lovely Rene Russo with grey hair anyways right?

Idris Elba as Heimdall

You only see two glimpses of Idris as the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, and many commented about a black guy being in Thor, well you should see the look on his face as Heimdall, he looks like someone who will slice and dice you. Hope we get to see more of him

And finally

Anthony Hopkins as Odin

Do we really need to go on about him as Odin? One of the best actors out there, we all know how good he is, has a great screen presence, just great command, in charge, and him playing a God, can you ask for anything better? Sometimes you come across perfect casting for films based on comics/cartoons and other well known books, Sir Anthony as Odin is perfect casting, we don't need to go any further.

Back to the trailer:

Here Odin casts Thor down. Thor is found in the desert by a young scientist Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and Darcy (Kat Dennings) seems to have a thing for Thor saying "For a crazy homeless person he's.....pretty cut" with a flirtatious look on her face. Then Thor tries to get his hammer back but can't, then most of the scenes cut back from Earth and Asgard, a good balance. When Thor gets to Earth we are introduced to 3 other people

Natalie Portman as Jane Foster

Jane seems to have a big heart cause she comes across Thor in the desert and I am sure she thinks he has lost his mind, saying he comes from a place where Magic and Science are one in the same, not knowing what is going on. Later on you see she cares for Thor a lot (Kissing scene yes its in the trailer) but we don't know what her character does when the action shifts to earth (One scene you see Thor in regular clothes and in the background you see Jane, Kat Dennings, Stellan Skarsgard, Sif and the Warriors 3, what is going on, only speculation). Love the choice of Natalie as Jane, playing a smart scientist and not looking like eye candy for the movie

Kat Dennings as Darcy (???)

You only see her once in the trailer, but I still have money on her being Hela, the Goddess of the Dead, in disguise.

Stellan Skarsgard as ???

I see him a bit in the trailer, whats funny is his son Alexander was considered for Thor, but I guess his son will still be a blood sucker for now. I think Stellan is some Norse expert or something, can not make it out.

After we see the THOR title, we see Destroyer come up on SHIELD agents and start blowing away the cars. My favorite part was when one of the agents asks Agent Coulson "Is that one of Stark's?" and he replies "I don't know, the guy never tells me anything." which shows the tie-in from the Iron Man franchise in there.

One other thing I did notice, I noticed a Dr. Pepper vending machine in one scene, which has me believing that we will see Thor on Dr. Pepper cans next summer.

I am glad they did not put too many spoilers in the trailer. One omission that people will notice no....

FOR ODIN......FOR ASGARD said in it

I am glad they did not do that, I would rather be surprised and not know when to expect him saying that in the movie, kind of an element of surprise, but when he says it, watch us fanboys having to check our underwear after that.

Also I noticed no Balder, Valkyrie or winged horses, and Amora. I don't think Amora is in the film, but I have heard whispers about Balder and Valkyrie, but again they didn't give us all the spoilers.

As a massive Thor fan with Thor being my fav of all time, this does not let me down, this was jaw-dropping to me. If the trailer can do this for me, I can not imagine what the movie will look like.

PREDICTION-The movie will be 2 1/2 hours long, and I think the general audience will catch on to this and go see it and not have the "Oh its another fantasy or comic book movie" mentality, when the first trailer comes out in theaters/internet, I think people will flock to this. Opening weekend projection, last year I would have said 80 million, Im going for the big one, over 100 million dollars opening weekend.

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