In Rehearsal: 'Romeo and Juliet'

Official London Theatre, 22 April 2016               See the photos
By Matthew Amer
Thanks, Renie

We’ve had a peek at what 'Game Of Thrones'’ Richard Madden and 'Downton Abbey’s' Lily James have been up to in rehearsals for the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company’s production of 'Romeo And Juliet', and it looks like they’re having a ball… literally.

Theatrical photographer Johan Persson snuck into rehearsals on the day that co-directors Branagh and Rob Ashford were putting the cast, which also includes Derek Jacboi and Meera Syal, through their elegant, tightly choreographed paces. Luckily they took their masks off, or we’d never have known who was who!

The production reunites James and Madden, who played Cinderella and her Prince for Branagh in his live action Disney film, as Shakespeare’s famous star-crossed lovers. In a twist on the usual casting, Jacobi plays Romeo’s closest friend Mercutio, with Syal as The Nurse.

One of the most anticipated productions of the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company’s Plays At The Garrick season, the Bard’s tale of lovers from feuding families comes to the stage from 12 May.

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