Angelina Jolie May Board 'Murder on the Orient Express' For Kenneth Branagh
Oscar winner close to starring in adaptation of Agatha Christie’s classic novel, in a role made famous by Lauren Bacall in Sidney Lumet’s 1974 film

Guardian, 10 June 2016
By Nigel M. Smith

Angelina Jolie is expected to take on the role played by Lauren Bacall in 'Murder on the Orient Express', in an upcoming remake of the 1974 classic, directed by Kenneth Branagh.

Branagh’s film, like Sidney Lumet’s original, is based on Agatha Christie’s 1934 mystery novel, which revolves around special detective Hercule Poirot and his efforts to solve a murder case aboard the famous train.

Branagh will star as Poirot, played by Albert Finney in Lumet’s adaptation. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jolie is in final talks to portray Mrs Harriet Hubbard, one of the passengers who’s deemed a suspect.

The rest of the ensemble has yet to be announced – but expect it to be star-packed. On top of starring Finney and Bacall, Lumet’s film also featured Ingrid Bergman and Sean Connery.

Shooting is expected to begin in November, with locations including London and Malta. Green Lantern writer Michael Green penned the screenplay.

Jolie has appeared on the big screen only intermittently in recent years, and has suggested that she plans to move permanently into directing. Last year, Jolie directed herself, alongside husband Brad Pitt, in the arthouse relationship drama 'By the Sea'. Coming up, she’s slated to reprise the role of Maleficent in Disney’s sequel to the 2014 box-office smash.

Jolie also recently helmed the upcoming Netflix documentary, 'First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers', based on Cambodian author and human rights activist Loung Ung’s 2000 memoir.

Fox will release Branagh’s take on 'Murder on the Orient Express' 22 November 2017, during the heat of awards season.

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