Johnny Depp's Doomed Gangster Grills Kenneth Branagh's Hercule Poirot in Second Trailer for 'Murder on the Orient Express'

Daily Mail, 21 September 2017
By Cassie Carpenter

20th Century Fox dropped the second trailer for Kenneth Branagh's star-studded remake of 'Murder on the Orient Express' on Thursday featuring more of Johnny Depp's doomed gangster Ratchett.

The 54-year-old Oscar nominee sported a sleek thirties-style suit and a scar over his right eye to grill the man who will eventually solve his own murder.

'Would you mind if I join you? You're the world-famous detective Hercule Poirot. Avenger of the innocent, is that what they call you in the papers?' Depp's Ratchett asked in the teaser.

When the ridiculously-mustachioed Belgian asked 'And you are innocent?' Ratchett laughed and replied: 'You're fun.'

The Pirates of the Caribbean star was later seen ominously telling Branagh's Poirot: 'Cannot trust a one. Not a one.'

The 56-year-old Oscar nominee's 65mm adaptation of Agatha Christie's 1934 detective novel has an incredibly talented ensemble of 17, many of whom play suspects of Ratchett's murder.

The preview prominently featured Johnny's former 'Dark Shadows' castmate Michelle Pfeiffer, who replaced Angelina Jolie in the role of surly widow, Mrs. Hubbard.

'A real killer is right here. One of you people,' the 59-year-old Oscar nominee said, deflecting the blame.

'A man was rummaging around my cabin in the middle of the night.'

When Hercule asked Hubbard if she was sure it was a man, she replied: 'I know what it feels like to have a man in my bedroom.'

Meanwhile, Daisy Ridley got into a paranoid state as the governess Mary Debenham, warning the group: 'I'm sleeping here where everyone can see me, and I can see everyone.'

The strong cast boasts two Oscar winners - PenÚlope Cruz and Judi Dench - as well as Branagh favorite Derek Jacobi, Willem Dafoe, Josh Gad, Leslie Odom Jr., and Miranda Raison.

Behind the scenes, 36-year-old Josh shared several hilarious Instagram videos of himself and other members of the Murder on the Orient Express cast pestering 25-year-old Daisy for Star Wars spoilers.

Fans can catch the lavish train-set who-done-it when the suspenseful flick hits UK theaters on November 3 and US theaters November 10. It's the fourth adaptation of Christie's novel - following Sidney Lumet's famous 1974 film, a 2001 CBS version, and a 2010 episode of ITV series 'Agatha Christie's Poirot'.

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