Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh, And Mark Rylance To Star In Christopher Nolan's 65mm Shot 'Dunkirk'

Indiewire, 28 December 2015
By Kevin Jagernauth

It looks like some secrets couldn't have been kept under wraps. Over the weekend, word surfaced that Christopher Nolan's next film might be a WWII picture about the evacuation from Dunkirk. And indeed, not only is that the case, but the first cast members have been revealed.

THR reports that Nolan will reteam with pal Tom Hardy ("Inception," "The Dark Knight Rises") and newcomers to his world Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance for the simply titled, "Dunkirk." But there's a twist they'll be co-starring, with unknown actors taking the lead ensemble roles. Of course, exact plot details aren't being revealed for the Nolan penned project, but the movie is said to be inspired by Operation Dynamo, the near-miraculous evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and other Allied troops from the French seaport of Dunkirk which took place from May-June in 1940.

True to his passion for celluloid, "Dunkirk" will be shot on 65mm and IMAX 65mm, with cameras rolling in May. We're definitely excited to see Nolan stepping outside out of sci-fi and superheroes for his next picture, something unlike anything he's ever done, and a WWII movie primed for a major summer release date of July 21, 2017 is certainly intriguing. It'll be interesting to see what he comes up with.

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