BWW Exclusive: Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench Are the Shakespeares in the Film 'ALL IS TRUE'

BroadwayWorld, 2 May 2019
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Sony Pictures Classics has shared an exclusive look at their upcoming film ALL IS TRUE starring Kenneth Branagh (who also directed), Judi Dench and Ian McKellen.

'ALL IS TRUE' reveals a dramatic and little known period in the final years of William Shakespeare. Branagh is the playwright, Judi Dench is his wife Anne, and Ian McKellen plays the Earl of Southampton.

The year is 1613, Shakespeare is acknowledged as the greatest writer of the age. But disaster strikes when his renowned Globe Theatre burns to the ground, and devastated, Shakespeare returns to Stratford, where he must face a troubled past and a neglected family. Haunted by the death of his only son Hamnet, he struggles to mend the broken relationships with his wife and daughters. In so doing, he is ruthlessly forced to examine his own failings as husband and father. His very personal search for the truth uncovers SECRETS AND LIES within a family at war.

'ALL IS TRUE' is a labor of love for Branagh, who has been fascinated with the life of Shakespeare since his teens. He has assembled a troupe of Shakespeareans, ranging from legends like Judi Dench and Ian McKellen, to longtime veterans of Branagh's plays and films, to a young generation of actors drawn from his theatre company.

Just as Shakespeare used his brilliant imagination to create living portraits of kings and queens, Branagh and Elton present a multi-faceted and complex rendering of Shakespeare as a human being: a man with great creative strength, capable of sublime wisdom in his work, but an ordinarily flawed individual often struggling to apply those insights in his own life.

Told with warmth and wry humor, 'ALL IS TRUE' is a family drama, a detective story, and a quiet reflection on a life dedicated to art. Ultimately, it is the uplifting tale of a man who journeys from darkness and loss to a renewed appreciation of the richness and value of life, allowing him to play out his final act in peace.

BWW Exclusive: Kenneth Branagh and Judi Dench are the Shakespeares in the 'Film ALL IS TRUE'
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