News Archive: January 2019 - July 2019

 Hello Ken-Friends, like last time, you will find (12) articles marked "New" in the Reading Room. They are also linked out from the All Is True page. There will be many more. What with Google alerts and the like the Compendium has become more of an archive than a news source, but I hope it is no less interesting. As I watch various videos online I marvel at how much our world has changed... a big hello to all of us who - back when - were sending video cassettes with interviews with Ken to each other, programs mostly limited at the time to their host country. What luxury to watch Himself talking to interviewers all over the globe! I'll be back!
(29 May, thanks Lyn, Jane, Lynne, Renie)

 Dear keen Kenners, my intentions are good, my physical capabilities not quite as much. I am posting a short update and will do my best to get the tons of things I have set aside up soon.

I am just going to point you to the Reading Room where you will find six new (to the Compendium) articles, marked "New". The ones relating to All Is True can also be found on the All Is True page, where you will also find links to the "All Is True" Gallery and "All Is True" Filming Gallery

As I say every time: I will be back!
(21 March, thanks Isabel, Lyn)

 Greetings Branagh Bunch! Trying not to let too much time go by between updates.

There is finally an All Is True page. Lots of articles, not many photos yet (or at least I haven't found them).

Here are the articles: What Inspired Kenneth Branagh’s Portrayal of Shakespeare in New Film 'All Is True'?   |   Review: Kenneth Branagh Returns to His William Shakespeare Obsession With the Original Drama 'All Is True'   |   'All Is True': Film Review   |   If Kenneth Branagh’s ‘All Is True’ Is Accurate, Then Shakespeare Was One Giant Walking Cliché   |   'All Is True' Finds Melancholy And Magic In Shakespeare's Final Years   |   'All Is True' Review – Kenneth Branagh and Ben Elton's Poignant Bard Biopic   |   'All Is True' Is a Shakespeare Biopic for the #MeToo Generation   |   'All Is True’ Review: Kenneth Branagh Plays Shakespeare in Strange, Solemn Biopic   |   Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare Tale ‘All Is True’ Connects The Myth To The Man   and   Sir Kenneth Branagh Screens Latest Film "All is True" at 2019 PSIFF Opening Night Gala.

There is an article with a video here : Kenneth Branagh (‘All Is True’) On ‘Trying to Make a Connection’ to the Iconic William Shakespeare [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW] and a video interview here : Kenneth Branagh on Shakespeare & 'All Is True' - Variety Screening Series, with another one here : All Is True | Exclusive Featurette.

There are a couple of articles related to Artemis Fowl : Kenneth Branagh's Nephews Encouraged Him to Read 'Artemis Fowl' and First ‘Artemis Fowl’ Image Sees Judi Dench as a Gender-Swapped Fairy Commander.

And some random others: The 'Murder On The Orient Express' Sequel Has Been Delayed, Here’s Why and  ‘Storytelling Will Never Change’ and ‘Murder Mysteries Are Timeless’.

Visuals: Photos from the Winter KCET Cinema Series;   Directing 'Artemis Fowl' and a blast from the past: At the Olivier Awards in 2017.

I will be back!
(5 January, thanks Renie, Jane, Jude)

 "It's alive!!!"...erm, no wait, "I'm alive - despite all indications (i.e. no updates) to the contrary.

I have a LOT of articles to add and have only done a few but I will put at least those up (and eventually it will all be there), as well as some photos. But for now, a small mixed bag....

A few articles related to Artemis Fowl : Behind the Scenes With Kenneth Branagh on Set of Disney's Adaptation of Irish 'Artemis Fowl' Series and “Ignore Harry Potter”- Kenneth Branagh Tells Artemis Fowl’s Kid Actors and 'Artemis Fowl' Trailer: Kenneth Branagh Reveals Why Judi Dench's Character Was Gender-flipped.

For All Is True : 'All Is True' Brings the Bard to the Winter KCET Cinema Series on November 27 and Shakespeare Drops Into Oscar Race. Also 'All Is True' Review – Kenneth Branagh and Ben Elton's Poignant Bard Biopic and Kenneth Branagh’s Shakespeare Tale ‘All Is True’ Connects The Myth To The Man.

And finally, a short announcement for Ken's appearance in Upstart Crow, which some of you will have already seen : BBC Two Sets Premiere Date For ‘Upstart Crow’ 2018 Christmas Special.

I will be back!
(5 January, thanks Emma)