News Archive: January 2018 - June 2018

 The usual only a sign of life update and a very small one alas! (Having some "looking at the screen too much" issues, hopefully resolved soon.)

So... some news, good news in that we'll have our KB on the screen again, perhaps less good for those hoping to see him back on stage. You can read this short article about a new project: Kenneth Branagh to Produce and Star in ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’. Between Death on the Nile and this project I suspect we're well into 2019...

And for your reading pleasure, a long appreciation of Peter's Friends, trip down memory lane, which you can read here.

I will be back!
(2 May, thanks Bego, Jane)

 Hello Ken fans! Sign of life: gathering together many of the articles which have appeared and here are some relating to Murder On the Orient Express: 'Murder On the Orient Express' Is a Mystery Lover's Must-See  -  Check Out the Fashion Parade Onboard 'Murder on the Orient Express'  -  Blu-Ray Review: ‘Murder On the Orient Express’ Gets New Life From Kenneth Branagh  -  21 Things We Learned From Kenneth Branagh's ‘Murder On the Orient Express’ Commentary  and  INTERVIEW: Kenneth Branagh. There were also a couple of videos, here: "Murder on the Orient Express" | Kenneth Branagh Visits the Fox Innovation Lab and here: In Studio With Kenneth Branagh: Directing & Starring in 'Murder on the Orient Express'.

There were also some nice video clips relating to the Freedom of Belfast award event: Actor Kenneth Branagh to Receive Freedom of Belfast  -  Lord Mayor Reflects on Sir Kenneth Branagh Freedom of the City Celebrations  and  Sir Kenneth Branagh Visits HMS Caroline On His Own Historic Day

While in Belfast Kenneth lent his support to the search for a missing man - read about it here. Unfortunately there was not a happy ending to the story.

Old unhappiness brought a flurry of articles (all basically the same) when Emma Thompson revisited her heartbreak, as she is wont to do. Here are two from the (in theory) opposite ends of the spectrum: Daily Mail and Independent.

And finally (for today), something to look forward to (if you have access to Netflix): 'The Hollywood Masters' Unveils Season 2 Lineup, Premiere Date. Ken will be one of those profiled and according to the article the "show takes an in-depth look at industry leaders’ careers and lives".

That's it for today, much more to come!
(16 March, thanks Jane, Jude, Lyn)

 Greetings keen Kenners! Sliding under the wire before the second month of 2018 is out...

On 30 January Kenneth received the Freedom of Belfast and there were a number of articles which you can read: Belfast City Council to Host Pop-up Film Festival As Part of Branagh Freedom Celebrations,   Kenneth Branagh and Why It's Never Too Late to Talk About Billy,   Sir Kenneth Branagh Granted Freedom of Belfast,   Actor Kenneth Branagh Receives Freedom of His Native Belfast.

There were also a lot of photographs, which you can see here.

There are lots of articles which I have to add but for now here's a link to the latest regarding Murder On the Orient Express.

Same refrain, I will be back - and you know I will... eventually!
(25 February, thanks Jude, Jane, Emma)

 Happy New Year Ken-fans! I did manage to say this within the first month of the year, although much later than intended!

Just two things to post, which have been ready for a bit, mea culpa! There is lots of catch-up to do and you've heard that refrain over and over... for the moment the 2017 January to June news has moved to the News Archive.

The Ken-Friends once again celebrated Kenneth Branagh's birthday with fundraising project to support the William and Frances Branagh Memorial Bursary fund for students from Northern Ireland studying at RADA. You can read about the project, see the lovely luggage tag designed and produced to raise funds and read Kenneth's really wonderful thank-you letter here. This is a wonderful project each year and everyone is encouraged to join in!

The other item is a short article about the ongoing pre-events for the upcoming award to Ken, on 30 January, of the Freedom of Belfast. Read it here. There is also a link to a Twitter feed about the events.

The photo finish - a bit of nostalgia for the wonderful Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company days - our Ken-Friend Bego, with Ken, after a performance in October 2016

So that's it to start the year. I will not talk about trying to be more efficient as talk is cheap... but hopefully more soon!
(22 January, thanks Jude, Jane, Bego)