News Archive: July 2013 - December 2013

Very quick, for those planning to purchase tickets for Macbeth in New York.

Tickets are now on sale but there have been some problems. Members only tickets went on sale 10 December, but the sale of tickets for the public may be delayed a bit. It's that "Branagh blows them out of the water" thing, which - given that the Armory has 900+ seats - they clearly did not expect. Learn, people, learn.

This is the Armory website with the link to purchase tickets. Do not give up - they will get their act together soon.

(12 December, thanks Jude, Maggie, Patricia)

Ken-fans! Huge apologies for this appallingly delayed (and not entirely complete) update. I've been sitting on things that were ready to post ages ago, planning to pull everything together. But because I return home brain-dead every evening (still have the day job, which is very nice but possibly life-shortening, hahaha) I did not get round to actually doing the posting. So I'm just going to put up the things that are ready and I'll endeavour to catch up with the rest.

The "news" has mostly been articles: an older one about a fundraising campaign for Hallé St Peter's, the Manchester venue for Macbeth, a flashback to The Magic Flute and an article on KB's Cinderella.

There have been some reviews of the NT Live film version of Macbeth: here; here and here.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit will open in 2014 rather than at Christmas. You can read a short article here. There are two great new photos from the set - see them here. And there is a new poster, featuring Himself as well as others: see it here.

There have also been articles with more personal bits. You can read Kenneth's interview from a Belfast Telegraph article on "What It's Really Like to Be From Northern Ireland: here. There's a slightly OTT article with "things you should know about Sir Kenneth Branagh" here. You can also read an article with Emma Thompson re-hashing the past (as she is wont) here.

The pièce de résistence is a new article that comes with great photos. Enjoy!

That is it for now, various odds and ends to follow as soon as possible...
(3 December, thanks Emma, Carla, Virginia, Jude, Lyn)

Hello Ken-gang! First things first, I am giving you the official word that Kenneth Branagh does not have a Facebook page or a Twitter account. Id est, any such social media application saying otherwise is taking his name in vain (so don't listen to what they say).

New news... there is now a trailer and a poster, and a final (I assume!) name for the Jack Ryan film: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. (Was the short-lived Shadow One a half-thought, a bad thought, an eager assistant jumping the gun before the marketing guy sat bolt upright in the middle of the night shouting I've got it! Shadow Recruit!? [sort of like KB coming up with The Renaissance Theatre Company's name]. Anyway, you can see them all on the Jack Ryan page.

There is also now a trailer for the National Theatre Live presentation of Macbeth and you can see it here. Good stuff!

There is now also a Cinderella page, though there has been no news (besides me finally getting it together, hahaha).

I found seven wonderful photos from The Painkiller (I clearly suffered some sort of amnesia [choosing to blame Meniere's]). You can enjoy them here.

Finally (for today - there is undoubtedly more), The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and Misfit, Inc. are sponsoring "the first online Shakespeare short film competition in the world". The patron of The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Shakespeare Film Festival is KB and you can read a few words from him here. If you scroll down you can watch some of the finalist submissions.

More soon!
(6 October, thanks Jules, Carla, Pierpaolo

Hi Branaghiacs, not back as quickly as I'd hoped, but back with a few things.

There is a short article on the new proper title of the Jack Ryan film here. There have also been a pack of new photos from some extra shooting done in New York city this past August. You can see them here.

There was a short article about Kenneth supporting the deconsecrated church St. Peter Hallé, which hosted the production of Macbeth: you can read it here.

And finally, you can read a couple of articles on Cinderella, here and here. The second article comes with a first photo of Cinderella herself. :-)

The news from January to June 2013 has moved to the News & Notes Archive, here.

I imagine we can anticipate more images from Jack Ryan: Shadow One and Cinderella in the next months. You'll see them here.
(24 September, thanks Carla, Vee, Pierpaolo)

Greetings Kenians! Sorry it's been so long - the day job can be a pain sometimes. So the BIG news is that Macbeth will be coming to the stage in New York, specifically at the Park Avenue Armory Drill Hall. The general date given is June 2014 - details to follow at some point. The Armory is much larger than St. Peter Hallé, so hopefully the ticket wars will not be as fierce.

You can read a bunch of articles all announcing this here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Stay tuned. And in the meantime you can see quite a few photos from the Manchester production here and rehearsal photos here.

"Jack Ryan" now has a proper title: Jack Ryan: Shadow One. I will have images from some recent shooting in New York next time.

I hope "next time" will be soon!
(2 September, thanks Virginia, Jude)

So, you can read the Qs & As from the Guardian online Q&A here.

There is also a new review of Macbeth here and a not-so-deep review of the big screen relay of the play here. A reminder that you can find out when and where the NT Live film of Macbeth will be playing in your area (at this point a nice chunk of the world is covered, with the exception of Canada, grumble, grumble) here.

There are a couple of new Macbeth photos: here and here.

A photo of KB on his way to the BBC Breakfast program is here - and a twittering person posted a photo of Kenneth answering the Q & A questions.

More soon, I am sure.
(22 July, thanks Annette, Lyn, Carla)

Very quick - there will be a live Q & A session with Kenneth at the Guardian website, tomorrow, Thursday 18 July. Participate here!.

(17 July, thanks Annette)

Greetings Branagholics! Everything you read about the brilliance of Macbeth in Manchester is true. I am just back and still entranced. There are a zillion (at least that's what formatting them felt like) articles and reviews. The zillion is actually 26 and I am not going to list them here - you will find them, all marked with a little "new" sign here. Most of them relate to Macbeth, but there are a couple speculating on Kenneth as the possible new artistic director of the the Old Vic. You can add these to the earlier ones speculating on a possible directorial role at the National Theatre.

I've put up a gallery of photos from Macbeth - see it here.

You'll also find a review of The Magic Flute.

As well, I have added a link to a website dedicated to the BBC's English-language television series about Henning Mankell's fictional Swedish detective Kurt Wallander starring Kenneth Branagh, something I meant to do ages ago (mea culpa!).

There are more articles and some audiovisual stuff, as well as a few other photos. I hope to get them up this week (not sure what the salt mine has in store for me). Till soon, I hope!
(14 July, thanks Jude, Pennie, Emma, Paula, Jules, Eva, Annette, Karen, Virginia, Ian)