HBO - 30 April 2005
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Branagh Portrays FDR in TV Movie
Ledger-Equirer, 23 August 2004

Braces for Movie Like FDR's
Ledger-Equirer, 16 October 2004

Through an Extra's Eyes
Ledger-Equirer, 26 November 2004

HBO's 'Warm Springs' Premiere
Variety, 5 April 2005

HBO's 'Warm Springs' Showcases Warm Springs and More
PR Newswire, 13 April 2005

Premiere Night: HBO's 'Warm Springs' Shows How FDR Changed
Ledger-Equirer, 14 April 2005

Walking and Talking: Kenneth Branagh Does FDR
Portland Phoenix, 15 April 2005

Two Compelling Looks at FDR's Private and Public Lives
Baltimore Sun, 17 April 2005

Body & Soul: Kenneth Branagh Inhabits the Role of FDR Like No Actor Before Him
Newsday, 24 April 2005

A Refreshing Look at FDR's Struggles
Orlando Sentinel, 24 April 2005

A Corner of FDR's Life in the South
Atlanta Journal Constitution, 24 April 2005

Branagh Portrays Private Side of FDR
Pittsburgh Tribune, 24 April 2005

Channeling Adversity
Calendarlive, 24 April 2005

The Great Depression
The Sunday Paper, 24 April 2005

Branagh Captures 'Warm Springs' of FDR
MSNBC News, 25 April 2005

FDR's Search for a Cure: HBO Picks a Little-known Era of President's Life to Explore
Southcoast Today, 25 April 2005

HBO's "Warm Springs" Humanizes Roosevelt
Denver Post, 25 April 2005

Swimming with FDR
New York Times - Television, 26-30 April 2005

The Hidden FDR
Hartford Courant, 26 April 2005

Branagh Brings Warmth to FDR Role in 'Springs'
Chicago Sun Times, 27 April 2005

HBO's 'Warm Springs' Shows How Adversity Shaped FDR
Salt Lake Tribune, 28 April 2005

'Warm Springs' Pits FDR, Polio
USA Today, 28 April 2005

Branagh Relishes Research on FDR
Seattle Times, 28 April 2005

He's Our Man: Producers of FDR Movie Knew They Wanted Branagh
Relish/Journal Now, 28 April 2005

HBO Explores Tiny Town Where FDR Found Himself
Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, 29 April 2005

The Great Depression
Minneapolis Star Tribune, 29 April 2005

Branagh Makes a Credible FDR
Boston Globe, 29 April 2005

Just a Man Until Polio Made Him a Leader
New York Times, 29 April 2005

Polio's Effect on FDR
Fresno Bee, 29 April 2005

A Look at the 32nd President
Richmond Times-Dispatch, 30 April 2005

Film Shows Flawed, Heroic Roosevelt
The Ledger, 30 April 2005

Summerville Scenes in HBO Movie Tonight
Rome News Tribune, 30 April 2005

Q&A Kenneth Branagh
Time Magazine, 2 May 2005

F.D.R.ís Hidden Challenge
Virginia Commonwealth University Alumni Association Online, 6 May 2005