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The usual only a sign of life update and a very small one alas! (Having some "looking at the screen too much" issues, hopefully resolved soon.)

So... some news, good news in that we'll have our KB on the screen again, perhaps less good for those hoping to see him back on stage. You can read this short article about a new project: Kenneth Branagh to Produce and Star in ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’. Between Death on the Nile and this project I suspect we're well into 2019...

And for your reading pleasure, a long appreciation of Peter's Friends, trip down memory lane, which you can read here.

I will be back!
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Hello Ken fans! Sign of life: gathering together many of the articles which have appeared and here are some relating to Murder On the Orient Express: 'Murder On the Orient Express' Is a Mystery Lover's Must-See  -  Check Out the Fashion Parade Onboard 'Murder on the Orient Express'  -  Blu-Ray Review: ‘Murder On the Orient Express’ Gets New Life From Kenneth Branagh  -  21 Things We Learned From Kenneth Branagh's ‘Murder On the Orient Express’ Commentary  and  INTERVIEW: Kenneth Branagh. There were also a couple of videos, here: "Murder on the Orient Express" | Kenneth Branagh Visits the Fox Innovation Lab and here: In Studio With Kenneth Branagh: Directing & Starring in 'Murder on the Orient Express'.

There were also some nice video clips relating to the Freedom of Belfast award event: Actor Kenneth Branagh to Receive Freedom of Belfast  -  Lord Mayor Reflects on Sir Kenneth Branagh Freedom of the City Celebrations  and  Sir Kenneth Branagh Visits HMS Caroline On His Own Historic Day

While in Belfast Kenneth lent his support to the search for a missing man - read about it here. Unfortunately there was not a happy ending to the story.

Old unhappiness brought a flurry of articles (all basically the same) when Emma Thompson revisited her heartbreak, as she is wont to do. Here are two from the (in theory) opposite ends of the spectrum: Daily Mail and Independent.

And finally (for today), something to look forward to (if you have access to Netflix): 'The Hollywood Masters' Unveils Season 2 Lineup, Premiere Date. Ken will be one of those profiled and according to the article the "show takes an in-depth look at industry leaders’ careers and lives".

That's it for today, much more to come!
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Greetings keen Kenners! Sliding under the wire before the second month of 2018 is out...

On 30 January Kenneth received the Freedom of Belfast and there were a number of articles which you can read: Belfast City Council to Host Pop-up Film Festival As Part of Branagh Freedom Celebrations,   Kenneth Branagh and Why It's Never Too Late to Talk About Billy,   Sir Kenneth Branagh Granted Freedom of Belfast,   Actor Kenneth Branagh Receives Freedom of His Native Belfast.

There were also a lot of photographs, which you can see here.

There are lots of articles which I have to add but for now here's a link to the latest regarding Murder On the Orient Express.

Same refrain, I will be back - and you know I will... eventually!
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Happy New Year Ken-fans! I did manage to say this within the first month of the year, although much later than intended!

Just two things to post, which have been ready for a bit, mea culpa! There is lots of catch-up to do and you've heard that refrain over and over... for the moment the 2017 January to June news has moved to the News Archive.

The Ken-Friends once again celebrated Kenneth Branagh's birthday with fundraising project to support the William and Frances Branagh Memorial Bursary fund for students from Northern Ireland studying at RADA. You can read about the project, see the lovely luggage tag designed and produced to raise funds and read Kenneth's really wonderful thank-you letter here. This is a wonderful project each year and everyone is encouraged to join in!

The other item is a short article about the ongoing pre-events for the upcoming award to Ken, on 30 January, of the Freedom of Belfast. Read it here. There is also a link to a Twitter feed about the events.

The photo finish - a bit of nostalgia for the wonderful Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company days - our Ken-Friend Bego, with Ken, after a performance in October 2016

So that's it to start the year. I will not talk about trying to be more efficient as talk is cheap... but hopefully more soon!
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Hi Ken fans! Just one single quick thing that you can buy tickets for (presumably in a less fraught manner than Hiddleston's Hamlet)... read about it here and get the ticket link: Kenneth Branagh, Imelda Staunton and More to Appear in Jim Carter's In Conversation Series. Good luck!

(4 December, thanks Jane)

Greetings Ken-keeners! There are tons of articles and I am not at all caught up, so I will just throw a few your way, like last time. Many more to be added!

Articles: Depp, Dench and Kenneth Branagh: Behind the Scenes of the Star-Studded 'Murder on the Orient Express'   |   Kenneth Branagh Revives the World's Greatest Detective   |   A Successful New Stab at ‘Murder on the Orient Express’   |   Movie Beat: Kenneth Branagh Excellent in Star-Studded “Murder on the Orient Express”   |   Kenneth Branagh On ‘Murder On The Orient Express,’ ‘Dunkirk,’ And Why He Still Loves Thor   |   Kenneth Branagh On Poirot's mustache As Superpower and His Reboot of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’   |   Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Orient Express’ a Bright, Old-fashioned Ride.

Audiovisual: Behind The Scenes On Murder on the Orient Express - Movie B-Roll & Bloopers   |   Murder on the Orient Express: Kenneth Branagh Q&A   |   Kenneth Branagh On The Film, "Murder on the Orient Express"   |   Kenneth Branagh Complete Interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan

More soon!
(27 November, thanks Emma, Jane, Teri, Ngoc)

Hello Branaghians! We are all enjoying the cup running over with Murder on the Orient Express articles and photos. I have pulled together a few, many more will follow. For now...

Articles: Johnny Depp's Doomed Gangster Grills Kenneth Branagh's Hercule Poirot in Second Trailer for 'Murder on the Orient Express'   |   ‘Murder On The Orient Express’ Trailer: Kenneth Branagh Steers A Trainful Of Stars, Drops A Clue   |   'Murder on the Orient Express' – The Big Interview   |   The Graham Norton Show Reveals Next All-star Lineup Featuring 'Murder on the Orient Express' Stars   |   and   |   Inside the New Star-Studded 'Murder on the Orient Express'.

Audiovisual: Sir Kenneth Branagh talks #OrientExpressMovie, reveals the true enemy of moustaches & the magnetic power of Dame Judi Dench! #TheProjectTV   |   WATCH: Kenneth Branagh on #OrientExpressMovie, the film’s A-list cast and THAT moustache! #sun7   |   Kenneth Branagh on Agatha Christie, Moustaches and Becoming an Elder Statesman of Stage and Screen   |   and   |   Branagh Takes Ali on the Orient Express.

And a lot of photos here!

An article with a Weinstein comment the Daily Mail managed to ferret out.

And the fun stuff: sturdy hands and feet immortalised in Hollywood! A first article here; a bunch of photos here and a video here.

(3 November, thanks Jude, Ngoc, Emma, Patricia)

Keen Kenians, we're back. Catching up with articles, but also a few bits of news.

The best: Kenneth will be honoured with the Freedom of Belfast. An article about the announcement is here and a statement from Ken is here. Others have knicked the info or added a bit: here and here, with a very similar article here.

And, speaking of awards, there might be another: Kenneth Branagh, Anna Friel Receive International Emmy Nominations.Fingers crossed - and if you happen to a voter reading this...you know what to do!

The London premiere of Murder on the Orient Express will be held at the Royal Albert Hall on Thursday 2 November - clearly they are expecting a crowd!

There is also a tie-in promotion: from MarketsInsider, 2 October 2017:

Premium Belgian chocolatier, Godiva, is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with 20th Century Fox for the much-anticipated film 'Murder on the Orient Express', a big screen reimaging of the classic mystery novel by master storyteller Agatha Christie

In honour of the collaboration, Godiva's talented chef chocolatiers have crafted a new Chocolate Collection. All indulgent new pieces are decorated with a whimsical moustache motif, inspired by Poirot's own distinguishable whiskers. The unique limited edition collection includes three new chocolate pieces in delicious flavours including: an intense dark chocolate ganache encased in a white chocolate shell, a tangy raspberry ganache sheathed in a milk chocolate shell and a creamy almond praline encased in a sweet milk chocolate shell. Synonymous with the craftsmanship, quality and chocolate artistry for which Godiva is renowned, the delicious chocolates are presented in a stunning, vintage-inspired, limited edition gold gift boxes that features a stylish Orient Express-themed design.

The chocolatier will also celebrate its first movie collaboration with a delicious Belgian speculoos-flavoured hot chocolate with an eye-catching new sleeve, playful chocolate moustaches on sticks and a bundle of four of Godiva's exquisite G Collection tablets, which are presented in a beautiful train-inspired packaging.

So, this past July there was a mention of Kenneth as director of Artemis Fowl, following a first mention of the project in September 2015 (Site Search - main page - is a wonderful thing!). It seems to be real at this point as cast names are being mentioned: Judi Dench in Talks to Join Kenneth Branagh’s ‘Artemis Fowl’ Movie Adaptation, as well as other info: ‘Artemis Fowl’: Everything You Need to Know About Disney’s Adaptation of the Beloved Young-Adult Series.

A winner has been chosen for the 2017 Shakespeare Shorts Film Competition, judged by Ken. Read who it is here.

As I'm putting this together even more stuff is coming in.... soooo.... going to post this and soon put up more stuff! Back soon!
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Greetings Kenners! A few more articles and photos have been added. A couple of snippets first...

There's all sorts of (justified) anguish about the lack of access to Hiddleston, some of it amusing...

From TimeOut :

Who’s the Dane? Cinema’s Tom Hiddleston.

What’s the deal? In a normal year you’d never get two big star versions of ‘Hamlet’, but Hiddleston has teamed up with director Kenneth Branagh for a brilliant wheeze: make it as inaccessible as physically possible. It’s a Rada fundraiser, with a three-week run at a 160-seat theatre and all the tickets were distributed by ballot weeks ago.

Should I see it? Given the scarcity of tickets, only for bragging rights, surely.

How do I get tickets? Christ knows. We’re told there won’t even be returns on the door. My best advice is to either become Tom Hiddeston’s bezzie mate very quickly, or to hope this is all a prelude to a big transfer.

Jerwood Vanbrugh Theatre at Rada. Fri Sep 1-Sep 23

And from the Guardian :
A Message For Sir Kenneth Branagh: Let the People See the Hiddleston Hamlet!
It’s impossible to get tickets to see Tom Hiddleston. But if the play’s being staged to raise funds for Rada, why not be less elitist, and broadcast it in cinemas?

The arts world is facing a 'Hamlet' availability crisis. It is of course utterly impossible to get tickets for the reportedly superb Tom Hiddleston version of the play, running in a tiny London theatre for three weeks to raise money for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Rada). It was also fiendishly difficult to get tickets for the recent critically adored Hamlet, starring Andrew Scott of 'Sherlock' fame.

To compound the nightmare, there happens also to be a new production of 'Hamlet' starring Gyles Brandreth, and it is very, very possible to get tickets for that.

News of utterly sold-out theatre shows has in the past brought out the anti-theatre grump in me: say what you will about Hollywood films, they are non-elitist – you can pretty much always get tickets. But I am also a convert to livestreaming theatre into cinema. So won’t Kenneth Branagh – director of the Hiddleston Hamlet – relent, and allow his production to be beamed into Britain’s movie theatres? A portion of the ticket price could go to Rada! It would raise money for Rada! Why are we all pining hopelessly for this show when the solution is obvious?

Of course it might be that Sir Kenneth has cunningly contrived his Hamlet-famine for precisely this outcome. Never mind. Let’s see Tom Hiddleston’s Hamlet in cinemas.

I'm hearing the Beach Boys....Wouldn't It Be Nice!!

I have added a few articles (there will be many more): a nice one about Ken's longtime agent Judy Hofflund, who worked with him on Murder on the Orient Express, which includes a cool photo.   There are four reviews of Hamlet : here, here; here and here.

There are two "supporting new talent" articles, here and here.

A new poster has been released for Murder on the Orient Express. You can read about it here and here and you can see all the posters here.

And finally, Kenneth will receive the Albert R. Broccoli Britannia Award for Worldwide Contribution to Entertainment at the 2017 AMD British Academy Britannia Awards and you can read about that here and here.

That's all for today, we'll be back!
(15 September, thanks Jane, Emma)

Hello 2-B-or-not-2B-ers. Slowly getting the myriad articles archived. They are almost all Dunkirk related. Rather than list the links (they're a bit repetitious) click over to the Reading Room and look for the "new" flags.

There is one slightly more personal article which you can read here: Sir Kenneth Branagh Took Time Out of His Busy Schedule to Visit His Brother Bill For Sonning Golf Club's Charity Fundraiser. You can see the photos here.

More to come! Lots of articles about the Hiddleston Hamlet! Hopefully someone out there managed to get tickets!
(19 August, thanks Emma, Lynne)

Greetings Kenners - there is some news to share, so, just quickly (more articles will follow), you can read about Kenneth directing Tom Hiddleston in Hamlet, in support of RADA, here. There are details about tickets. You can also find information on the RADA site. As well, while the original Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company site has disappeared (alas!), there is a three-word new one, and - more informatively - a Facebook page and Twitter account.

I will be back with more of everything soon...
(1 August, thanks Jude)

Hello Ken-fans, just one line - literally - to say there is now a page for Dunkirk and one for Murder on the Orient Express. Both will have far more info as I slowly get it together.

More soon!
(29 July)

Keen Kenners, we carry on...

More speculation (or fact?) on a future project, from an article on future casting:

“Artemis Fowl”
As mentioned in a previous post, Ireland’s own criminal mastermind and hugely successful children’s book character is getting a film. Eoin Colfer’s book series captured the imagination of children seeking something a little more action- and arsenal-packed than “Harry Potter,” with the eighth installment of the series hitting shelves in 2012. So, as with “Harry Potter”, there’s the potential for a huge film franchise to emerge out of the first film (if they get it right). Open castings in Ireland have been hunting for the young Artemis himself but now genius casting director Lucy Bevan is attached and Kenneth Branagh is confirmed as director, the hunt for the rest of the cast begins. As Michael Goldberg (who wrote the screenplay for “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”) and playwright Conor McPherson are attached, it appears to be set for success. 
Further to the Tottenham Spurs stadium history, narrated by Himself, here is a description from a longer article in the Telegraph, 14 May 2017:
Sir Kenneth Branagh was waiting to recite the history of a ground built on the site of a former market garden rented from the brewers, Charrington, and occupied by Spurs in January, 1899. Branagh was not here in person, but appeared on giant screens like Hollywood royalty. The White Hart Lane crowd, so boisterous on the pitch, fell into a cinema-going trance as The Kinks provided the early soundtrack and black and white footage of the glory days brought an older London back to life.
There is another article about the possible Anne Frank film (same information as earlier).

Also two more articles relating to Murder On the Orient Express - here and here.

Which brings us to Dunkirk... You can read three articles : ‘Dunkirk’: Over 15 New Images Take Us Inside Christopher Nolan’s World War II Film;  From Harry Styles to Sir Kenneth Branagh, All You Need to Know About Blockbuster 'Dunkirk' and Film Review: Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’.

There are also videos : "Dunkirk" World Premiere (with Ken at 17.10 minutes);   Dunkirk, Face to Face With Christopher Nolan (interviewed by our Ken-Friend Pierpaolo Festa, with a question about Ken);   How Well Do Harry Styles and Sir Kenneth Branagh Know Their Shakespeare?;   Kenneth Branagh "Relieved" He Made the Cut For 'Dunkirk' and Kenneth Branagh: ‘Dunkirk’ Is ‘a White-Knuckle Ride’.

And finally, for today, there are additional photos from the filming of Dunkirk, as well as from the Dunkirk world premiere in London and from the premiere in New York a few days later.

That is all for today. More to come! There will be pages for Dunkirk and Murder On the Orient Express
(21 July [Happy Birthday Angelica!], thanks Emma, Lyn, Jude, Emily, Renie, Pierpaolo)

Hello again, going to add things in bits and bobs, only way to catch up without having a breakdown, heh heh.

You'll love this: Tottenham Hotspur Featured Video from #TheLaneTheFinale Show With Sir Kenneth Branagh! Enjoy!

And while you're in video viewing mode, you can catch a glimpse of Himself in the trailer for Mindhorn, totally fun to watch! The film was written and directed by Sean Foley. Enjoy 2!

And you can see an appearance on teh Lorraine show here. Enjoy 3!

There are two more Murder On the Orient Express (a.k.a. MOTOE) articles here and here.

And finally - for today - an article about a possible new project... we shall see...!

That's today's wee portion. More soon!
(3 July, thanks Emma, Jude, Ngoc)