UK Website - In theatres from 30 November 2007. Visit the site for cinemas and times.

  • Premiere in London on 26 November 2007, Odeon, Leicester Square at 7:15 pm. Proceeds go to Classic FM Music Makers to fund music projects working with disadvantaged children and adults across the UK. This event is sold out, but here is the website.
  • Showing in cinemas in Japan from 14 July 2007
  • Showing in cinemas in Italy from 22 June 2007 ( ANSA news clip about the Italian cinema release)
  • To be presented at the 28th Durban International Film Festival on 25 and 30 June 2007
  • Presented at the Belfast Film Festival on Thursday 22 March 2007
  • Presented at the Cine Alcazar in Barcelona on Wednesday 21 March 2007 with Kenneth Branagh in attendance See photos here.
  • Shown at La Monnaie in Brussels, as part of of European Opera Day, on Saturday 17 February 2007
  • Venice International Film Festival : 6 and 7 September 2006
    To watch the Photocall and see an interview on Italian television (TVCall) click here
  • Toronto International Film Festival : 7 and 15 September 2006



Photo Gallery I - Film Stills
Photo Gallery II - Film Stills
Photo Gallery III - Premiere in Venice
Photo Gallery IV - Interview in Venice
Photo Gallery V - Photocall in Venice
Photo Gallery VI - Press Conference in Barcelona
Photo Gallery VII - Press Conference in Tokyo


CBC Q: Kenneth Branagh talks about "The Magic Flute" Kenneth Branagh – The Magic Flute [Featurette]
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