A Note from Kenneth Branagh

"This is a brief message to all on the e-mail list to say a heartfelt thank-you to everyone who contributed to the magnificent donation for the Ulster Association of Youth Drama. This was not only a spectacularly imaginative birthday thought, but a gift of real meaning for the youngsters in Belfast. It is a very good deed in a naughty world and I am thrilled on their behalf. Your money will be put to very good use.

Let me also say how grateful I am for the continued encouragement for my work. Although I stay away from internet information about myself, I am very touched by the level of interest and support that exists. I know from my snail mail bag that there is a phenomenally supportive group out there. The many kind wishes I have received over the years have been deeply appreciated. Thank-you.

I very much hope that over this coming year we shall be offering you some very interesting work. We shall certainly be trying our best, and no doubt I shall be hearing your reaction to it one way or another! Once again my thanks for your tremendous generosity. A beautiful gesture, which will make a real difference to the people back home. With warmest wishes,

Kenneth Branagh."

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