Birthday Fundraising Project 2009
In 2009 the Ken-Friends returned to the always popular t-shirt for their annual fundraising project, this time to celebrate Kenneth Branagh's 49th birthday. In tried and true democratic fashion, the Ken-Friends used their mailing list to propose designs and quotations for the shirt, which was offered in a number of colours and more than one style. The selected quote came from Ivanov and the Ken-Friends crest graced the front. This year's project raised $4,728 US for the William and Frances Branagh Memorial Bursary fund for students from Northern Ireland at Royal Aacademy of Dramatic Art (RADA).

  Here is Kenneth Branagh's thank-you note:

"Calling all Ken-Friends - THANK YOU!

How, at a time of painful recession for so many, this vast sum could be raised on my behalf, beggars belief.

Except of course that the Ken Friends have proved themselves over many, many years to be the most loyal, industrious, indefatigable group of enthusiasts, any artist could ever hope to encounter.

It makes me very proud to know that your hard work makes such a difference for students at RADA - my Alma Mater is very lucky to know you - as am I.

I wish you all a healthy and happy 2010, and I shall be thinking of you all as I start hurling hammers in January.

Once again, all those raffles and auctions and every other piece of magic you have worked this year are astounding and deeply appreciated.   I congratulate you all, and simply say ad infinitum, THANK YOU MY FRIENDS!

From someone humbled by your support, and exceptionally proud to be a friend of YOURS, Ken Branagh"

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