Birthday Fundraising Project 1999
Im 1999 the Ken-Friends produced a t-shirt commemorating the 10th anniversary of the release of Henry V. The design of the front of the black, red and white shirt is shown below. Between the funds gathered from the sale of the t-shirt and Ken-Friends mailing list auctions of Ken related items a total sum of $4554 US was raised for a donation to UAYD.

1999 T-shirt design
  There were actually two thank-you messages related to this project, thanks to the Gielgud Award, which brought attention to the fundraising efforts again. :-)

Late 1999:

"Is it really 10 years?
We are all getting much older but not too old to remember very happy times.
I thank-you all once again for the magnificent ongoing support that allows me to continue to try to create more happy times.
Have a wonderful time and my very best wishes.
Thanks to you all
'Once more unto the breach'

Lots of love,
Kenneth Branagh"

Early 2000:

"To everyone who contributed to the Ken-Friends birthday gift to the U.A.Y.D. - a huge thank-you.
What a fantastically generous way to enter the new millennium. My friends in Northern Ireland are delighted and amazed by your repeated kindness and support.
I was glad to be able to thank some of the Ken-Friends in person at the Gielgud Award event.
To my absolute delight, there seemed to be great enthusiasm for "Love's Labour's Lost" which many of them saw on the same day. If it gives as much pleasure as they seemed to indicate then I'm delighted to be repaying in part, some of the great debt I owe you all for your support.
You are a major reason, these films get financed. Film companies know of our tremendous, loyal support. It makes a difference.
So for everything, once again, thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

Kenneth Branagh"

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