Sir Kenneth Branagh Took Time Out of His Busy Schedule to Visit His Brother Bill For Sonning Golf Club's Charity Fundraiser

Reading Chronicle, 1 August 2017         See the photos
By Luke Adams
Thanks Emma

Avid golfers came together for a magical fundraiser at Sonning Golf Club with the help of Hollywood actor Sir Kenneth Branagh.

The star of Harry Potter was the guest of honour on Friday evening to support the Royal Berkshire Hospital Charity at the annual Captain’s Charity Day.

His brother Bill was elected captain for 2017 many years ago and the Belfast-born duo united for a worthy cause after a bumper schedule of events.

Members were earlier treated to a trick shot demonstration by former PGA star Jeremy Dale, with the auction bringing in more than £7,000 for the hospital.

Bill said: “Ken agreed more than a year ago that he would come and support me. He is stupidly busy. He has done four trips across the Atlantic in three weeks.

“He got back last night from Los Angeles after showing the latest version of 'Murder on the Orient Express' to studio executives. We were emailing each other overnight to check what the running order was and to make sure we did not clash on our speeches.

“We came over to Reading when he was nine. He is very familiar with the area and he went to The Meadway School. The deputy head was responsible for giving him his first grant, which allowed him to go to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.”

The captain asked for all funds from the charity day to be put towards the treatment of prostate cancer due to the number of members at Sonning Golf Club to have gone through the illness.

He also wanted to contribute towards a new robot for the hospital, following a campaign to replace the invaluable Robbie the Robot.

He added: “This day is special because it is for the charity. I wanted people to have as good a time as possible, as much as I wanted to raise money.

“I was delighted to be selected as captain. I was chosen several years ago for this year. It is an honour and a privilege. It is a huge commitment, but I would not swap it for the world.”

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